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Wa-Wan Press

Founded in Newton Centre, MA in 1901 by American composer Arthur Farwell (1872-1952), the Wa-Wan Press was a short-lived music publishing project that focused on contemporary American works. Farwell was interested in strengthening America’s unique musical identity, and his project highlighted music that drew from folk and Native American traditions. From 1901-1912, the Wa-Wan Press published instrumental and vocal works by over 30 different American composers. Though moderately popular for a time, the project faced falling subscription numbers by the end of the decade, and was ceased shortly after it’s acquisition by G. Schirmer in 1912.

A number of Wa-Wan publications are now part of the digitization project at Sibley, including works by Farwell, Harvey Loomis, Frederic Ayres, Arthur Reginald Little, and Gena Branscombe.

Download Ayres’s “Take, O Take Those Lips Away,” published by the Wa-Wan Press


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