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A new venture offering print copies of selected scores recently digitized by Sibley Music Library is kicking off! Come see the new site at Eastman Scores Publishing.

The sheet music pamphlets are published by the Eastman School of Music and printed and distributed by Library Commerce, an organization formed with grant support from the Rochester Regional Library Council’s Harold Hacker Fund, to help libraries develop ways to earn income from library services that are worthwhile, but impossible to offer without a sustainable revenue source and do not fit standard commercial formats. In this case, the high quality materials and print preparation developed by Sibley for our in-house preservation reformatting are used to make sturdy, beautiful print editions of sheet music pamphlets available for sale.

On this first day there are 100 scores “in stock” for immediate print on demand, mostly string and piano music, with another 150 scores, many of them organ works, to be added during the coming week, once we know the site is up and running without hitches.  New scores will be added as they are edited.

Dan Lopata, the proprietor of Library Commerce, will be happy to take requests from individuals who would like to be able to purchase a quality printed copy of a score they have seen at the Sibley Music Library digital site in the University of Rochester’s UR Research repository. He can be reached with requests at dlopata@eastmanscorespublishing.com and will respond with an estimate of how much the finished score will cost and how soon the editing can be completed. Once a score is edited he anticipates the normal print-on-demand turnaround time to be 48-72 hours.

To begin with we will only be offering music that can be suitably printed and bound in pamphlet format, which means scores with no more than 48 pages (parts are bound, and therefore counted, separately). We will soon be able to offer trimmed, ready-to-bind copies of longer scores, and we are working on adding availability of adhesive bound copies.

But first come check out the site at Eastman Scores Publishing! We’re very excited that it has all come together, and look forward to finding out what people think.


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We are pleased to announce that Sibley has received a National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation and Access Award of $300,000 in support of the Library’s continuing efforts to digitize music scores in the public domain (i.e., no longer protected by copyright). This award supports a second phase of scores digitization that will extend from May 2011 through September 2012 and builds on a similar NEH grant-funded project that concluded in April 2011. The 2009–2011 NEH award resulted in the digitization of 9,600 public domain scores, a total of 303,000 pages of digitized music. Like that first grant, this second NEH award supports the efforts of Sibley Music Library to provide free online access to public domain scores from the Library’s general collections, with an emphasis on those scores not widely held by other libraries and not digitized elsewhere. The Library’s scores digitization program, which complements other large-scale book-centric digitization programs, has become an important source of music for scholars and musicians in this country and around the world. To date, Sibley Music Library has digitized over 11,000 public domain scores and books, which have accounted for more than three million downloads from the University of Rochester’s Digital Repository, UR Research. Over the course of the 2011–2012 NEH-funded project, Sibley Music Library will digitize 9,500 additional scores and make them freely available at UR Research. The NEH award supports the hiring of two staff members, thus permitting the Library to continue the current pace of its digitization program. Co-investigators for the project are Sibley Music Library staff members Alice Carli, Conservator, and Jim Farrington, Head of Public Services. Linda Blair, Head of Cataloging, provides bibliographic assistance to the project.

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Dan Zager, Dean of Sibley Music Library, was recently interviewed by WXXI’s Brenda Tremblay about the current digitization project at Sibley. Dan gives some background for the project, explains the digitization process, and discusses some the effects it  may have in the worlds of both music and digital resources.

Click here to go to the audio for Dan’s interview

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